Thailand Article Archive 2007


Generals Voted Out of OfficeIslamic Terrorists Have a Morale ProblemMan of the People
Terrorizing PovertyKilling Moslems For The CauseRounding Up The Usual Suspects
Islamic Terrorists Turn on MoslemsTerrorize, Don't AntagonizeSwedish Delight
Little Bombs Going Off EverywhereThe Spark Goes Out in BurmaDeath Trip
The Promised Land Goes To HellLearning From IndiaDeadly Nuisance
Islamic Terrorists Refuse to NegotiateThe War Against Corruption and IntoleranceViolence Escalates in Moslem South
Terrorist Gamble FailsBeating the Truth Out Of The InnocentTerror Versus Terror
Terrorists Identified and Rounded UpWar Escalates in the SouthStuck in the South
Rail WarsMilitary Government Outlaws the OppositionPlan B, for Blood
New School Versus Old SchoolRoadblocks to PeaceTerror Victims Strike Back
Moslems Fear RetributionTerrorists Shut Down the RailroadSpeak Softly, and Threaten a Bloodbath
Silent DeathKill a Buddhist, Become a Folk HeroScary Monsters
The Malaysia ConnectionDeath Squads and Roadside BombsTwo Revolutions, No Waiting
No One To Talk ToNo One To Talk ToThe Mystery Bomber Doesn't Strike Again



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