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Unstoppable Islamic TerroristsThe Bodyguard of Fear Burn it Down
Serial Killers Gone WildStrange BedfellowsRadicals Refuse to Negotiate
Give Me Money Can We Talk? Islamic Violence Escalates
The Power On The Throne The Generals Go South Islamic Terrorists Ignore Coup
Moslem General Reshuffles the Deck It's Murder for Non-Moslems Low Key Terrorism
The Coming Darkness Gangsters Get Religion Islamic Death Squad On The Loose
The Islamic War Against Schools You Don't Need Islam to Burn Down the Border Canned Terror
Bloody South Resists Solutions A Big Bunch of Bombs are a Bust The Culture of Chaos
War in the South Islamic Violence Increases in the South Taking It Out On Teachers
Border Wars Peace and Anticipation Changes
The King and UsStand By Me Unrest Everywhere
Slow Burn Staying Off the Radar Terror and Tourists
Wireless Wars Divide and Defeat Fighting For God and Money

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