Thailand: Unstoppable Islamic Terrorists


December29, 2006: Two months after the coup that brought in a government that offered a kinder and gentler approach to solving the Islamic terrorism in the south, that terrorism has gotten worse. Before the coup, terrorists killed about 49 people a month. Now it's up to 56 murders a month. There are now over twenty bombings a month down there, and about seven school a month are being destroyed. The terrorists continue to concentrate on suspected pro-government Moslems, non-Moslems and government workers. Most of the mountainous back country villages have been terrorized, and "cleansed" of infidels (non-Moslems) to such an extent, that the terrorists can move about openly in daytime. The terrorists are also getting nastier, as in today's attack, where two teachers were shot, then burned to death on a road. Nearly sixty teachers have been killed down south in the last two years. Some in the government believe the increase in terror shows that the Islamic militants are desperate, because of the increasing number of Moslem victims. But the government has not been able to catch any of the terrorist leaders, and only a few of the low level operatives.

December 25, 2006: The military has formed a special force of some loyal (to the junta) 14,000 troops, drawn from all the services, to quickly take care of any resistance to the junta now running the country. The man the junta ousted, Thaksin Shinawatra, is still popular in many parts of the country.

December 23, 2006: The government is assembling a new force of 3,000 troops for service in the south. These reinforcements will be dedicated to protecting government workers, especially teachers. These troops won't all be in place until April.

December 19, 2006: Another female teacher was killed by Islamic terrorists in the south, prompting the government to promise new security measures for teachers. This has not stopped the exodus of teachers from the south, and the refusal of many teachers from the north to replace them. The Islamic terrorists are succeeding in their effort to destroy education in the south. The Islamic terrorists want only religious schools, which concentrate on memorizing the Koran, plus basic literacy and simple math.




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