Thailand: Burn it Down


December7, 2006: The Islamic radicals have refused government offers to negotiate. So the army is sending 1,500 paratroopers to the south next month, with more to follow, if needed. There are already about a thousand paratroopers in the south.

Meanwhile, a school that was guarded by soldiers, had a cell phone controlled bomb go off inside, injuring two students and a soldier. The Islamic terrorists believe that there's nothing the government can do to stop them from driving the non-Moslem minority out of the south, and then terrorizing the Moslem majority into supporting a separatist government. What the Islamic radicals are forgetting is that Thailand has not remained independent for so long (never becoming a European colony either) by backing away from problems. In the end, the Thais would burn down the south, rather than let Islamic radicals take it over. Sending all the paratroopers south is an indication of a plan to get rough. Many Moslems in the south are not pleased with all the violence in their names, especially the campaign to close down the schools. These civilians are providing more information on who the Islamic radicals are, and the paratroopers can go make arrests, no matter how well armed and stubborn the terrorists are.

December 6, 2006: Across the south, ten people died because of Islamic radical violence. Half the deaths involved terrorists attacking Moslems who have not supported the Islamic terrorism.

December 2, 2006: In the south, the government warned people not to join in demonstrations that Islamic militants were trying to organize over the next few days. It is feared that the Islamic militants will use violence at the demonstrations, and trigger a fatal response from the police and army. A large number of dead civilians would help the Islamic radicals, who are encountering resistance among Moslems (who are tired of all the violence.).




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