Thailand: War in the South


June 4, 2006: The war in the south is going slowly. There are 80,000 police, soldiers and intelligence agency personnel down there, and they all complain of a lack of cooperation with other organizations. But the government efforts have forced the Islamic terrorists to change their tactics. There are fewer ambushes and roadside bombs, but more ethnic cleansing and murders. Over 30 non-Moslems were murdered by Islamic terrorists in May. There were hundreds of other attacks and threats made to non-Moslems. The government believes there are about a thousand active Islamic terrorists in the south, and about 250 villages where the inhabitants either voluntarily, or because of terror, offer support to the terrorists. The government has a growing list informants, and this has led to a growing number of raids to seize weapons and suspects. There are over a hundred men under arrest as suspected terrorists. In the last 18 months, some 1,200 have died in the violence down south, although total casualties (including wounded) is nearly 5,000. The ethnic cleansing has worked, with nearly 100,000 non-Moslems fleeing in the past 18 months.

June 3, 2006: In the south, a Moslem boarding school was burned down. These schools are a chief means of indoctrinating young Moslems to be come radicals and terrorists. The Islamic radicals in the south will blame pro-government forces for this fire.




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