Thailand: Islamic Death Squad On The Loose


August 7, 2006: The Islamic terrorism in the three southern provinces has resulted in a security force of 41,000 (30,000 soldiers, 10,000 police and 1,000 psychological warfare troops) being stationed down there. The population of 2.4 million is 80 percent Moslem. Recruiting local informants, in order to collect information on the Islamic terrorists, is difficult. The smuggling gangs and Islamic radicals are local people, and they know everyone. So the troops and police spend most of their time patrolling and manning checkpoints. In the last 32 months, the violence has killed about 1,500 people. Since the Islamic terrorists are on a mission from God, lack of tangible progress doesn't bother them. Their eventual victory is assured. The police expect that it might take a generation for the local kids to get tired of this sort of thing.
August 6, 2006: A senator for one of the southern provinces was shot and wounded. Islamic terrorists are suspected, as they usually attack government officials, although some of these attacks are because of criminal activity.
August 5, 2006: Police believe Islamic militants in the south have set loose a five man death squad, whose orders are to murder senior government officials.
August 2, 2006: The bombing and arson attacks continued, with about 128 recorded in the past two days. Three policemen and one soldier were killed.
August 1, 2006: In the three southern provinces, there were over 40 bomb and arson attacks. Only one person was injured, as the bombs were small. Islamic terrorists are suspected, as they have made these types of attacks before. Six of the usual suspects were arrested.




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