Thailand: Peace and Anticipation


April 17, 2006: In the south, Islamic terrorists staged no attacks during the traditional (Songkran) New Years celebration (April 7-15). With a new Prime Minister in office, southerners are waiting to see more new ideas on how to deal with the Islamic terrorism.

April 16, 2006: In another new idea, the government will try to recruit educated, idealistic young Moslems to lead reconstruction projects in the south. In the past, these projects were subject to corruption, theft and mismanagement whether they were run by Buddhist northerners or Moslem southerners.

April 14, 2006: In the south, five men were arrested and accused of planting a terrorist bomb last month. Police investigations are often able to track down Islamic terrorists, because many of them are people already involved with criminal gangs (which the police have been chasing for a long time.)




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