Thailand: Unrest Everywhere


March 10, 2006: Demonstrations against the prime minister have not made any difference, as people from the countryside, where the prime minister is very popular, came into town to show their support. The urban population is unhappy with the failure of the prime minister to crack down on corruption. But in the rural areas, the prime minister has improved life for the bulk of the country's population. Attempts to get the prime minister to resign have failed, and he will probably be reelected again.

In the south, two more Buddhists were killed by Islamic terrorists, who are now leaving taunting notes behind when they kill.

March 9, 2006: A bomb exploded in the capital, outside the home of an advisor to the king. Two foreign tourists were injured. This is the fourth bomb to go off in the capital in the last two months. All these bombs were small and not very lethal.

March 7, 2006: In the south, some thirty armed men attacked a Buddhist village, killing three people. Elsewhere, someone killed a Moslem man, apparently because Islamic radicals thought he was an informer for the police.

March 5, 2006: The war against Islamic terrorism in the south is part detective work (with cops trying to hunt down the key terrorists), part propaganda battle (with the government trying to convince the majority of the Moslem population to be for, or against, continued terrorism.)




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