Thailand: Can We Talk?


October 25, 2006: In the south, Islamic terrorists are also attacking Moslem clerics who preach against the use of terrorism. Meanwhile, the government is reviving a mediation service, which was shut down in 2001, that for years quietly worked out problems between Moslems and the government in the south. The basic problem in the south is that the three provinces down there are foreign, composed mainly of Moslem Malays (most ethnic Thais are Buddhist) . The provinces were annexed a century ago, and have periodically caused problems ever since.

October 22, 2006: In the south, a terrorist bomb was set off near a group of Buddhist monks, wounding several people. The Islamic terrorists have killed over a hundred Buddhist clergy in the past year, and are quite clear about wanting all non-Moslems out of the southern three (80 percent Moslem) provinces.

October 19, 2006: The violence continues in the south, with several bombs going off each week, and daily shooting attacks against non-Moslems, or Moslems believed to be helping the police.




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