Thailand: Bloody South Resists Solutions


July 1, 2006: The south remains a violent place, especially for those who are not Moslems. With twice (28 percent) the national unemployment rate (14 percent), and criminal gangs that are always hiring, the Islamic terrorism is not declining. Roadside bombs, ambushes of security forces and assassinations of government officials continue. Efforts to revive the economy depend on more technical and business people from the non-Moslem north. But it is difficult to get people to work in the south, because of the increasing violence. Even more troops and police does not provide instant relief, as it takes times for the new forces to familiarize themselves with their new surroundings.

June 27, 2006: A roadside bomb, and an ambush force of some twenty terrorists, were used to attack an army vehicle and five passengers. All were killed. Four more bombs were set off elsewhere in the south.

June 24, 2006: The murders continue in the south, with the killing of an Agriculture Ministry official and his son. The Islamic terrorists continue their campaign to drive out all non-Moslems and government officials.

June 23, 2006: More security personnel are being sent to the Moslem south, including 20,000 more soldiers and 2,800 more paramilitary police.




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