Thailand: No One To Talk To


April 17,2008: In the south, Islamic terrorists killed half a dozen people, most of them Moslems, in the last few days. Thus the expected Islamic terrorist attacks during the Buddhist New Years celebrations have been less than expected. Most of the recent attacks have been directed at Moslems, who are increasingly opposing the terrorists, and aiding the police.

The government refuses to negotiate with the terrorists, and the terrorists themselves have not come forward to talk. But there are several Moslem political groups in the south that want to work out some kind of peace deal. A group of Thai academics are holding unofficial meetings in Switzerland with two exiled Thai Moslem separatist groups (who are believed in contact with some of the terrorists). Most Moslems in the south just want the violence to stop. The terrorists are pretty fanatical about establishing an Islamic dictatorship in the south, despite the lack of support from local Moslems.

April 12, 2008: In the south, a thousand police and soldiers raided 84 locations and arrested 24 suspected terrorists. The police were looking for weapons and bombs believed to be stockpiled for attacks during the traditional New Years celebrations (April 10-16).

April 8, 2008: PULO (Pattani United Liberation Organization), one of the Moslem separatist organizations in the south, announced that it wanted to negotiate a peace deal with the government. Problem is, PULO doesn't control the terrorists.

Meanwhile, in the south, 200 police raided a village and took down a rebel bomb factory, arresting eight suspects as well.

April 7, 2008: In the south, terrorist bombs took down two electric lines and a cell phone tower, knocking out power to several towns. Islamic terrorists are suspected. Police fear that there will be more attacks next week, during the traditional New Years celebrations (April 10-16).

April 6, 2008: In the south, a 15 year old boy was shot dead by Islamic terrorists, because the victim, a Moslem, was suspected of being a police informer.

April 5, 2008: Last month, security forces arrested 160 terrorist suspects in the south.


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