Thailand: Getting Away With Murder


June 24, 2008:  In the south, an 11 pound bomb went off in a market place, as an army patrol passed nearby. Four soldiers and eight civilians were injured. The Islamic terrorists are feeling the heat from constant police and military pressure. The military has set up in information gathering system that, after several years, is producing better information on who the terrorists are (a combination of criminals and students from Islamic schools) and where they hide out. The terrorists, true to their beliefs, used force against civilians they suspected of working for the police, or were not "Islamic" enough. This eventually turned most of the Moslem population against the Islamic militants, providing the security forces with even more information.


June 23, 2008:  In the south, police and soldiers raided a camp used by Islamic terrorists, killing six of them, while one soldier was wounded. Much equipment, weapons and documents were captured.


June 21, 2008:  Opponents to the government are staging another massive demonstration in the capital, in an attempt to get the government to step down. The demonstrators represent the minority losers in the last elections. But this minority is largely urban, with many royalists and members of the military and civil service. The majority represents mostly rural people, who are looked down on by the better educated, and economically well off, urbanites. The urbanite attitude is that democracy didn't work here, and that some muscle is needed to put things right. But no one wants to set off a civil war, so everyone goes through the motions of protest and political action.


In the south, gunmen fired on a passenger train going north from a town on the Malaysian border. Four people on the train were killed, and Islamic terrorists are suspected. Six gunmen dressed in military battle uniforms, which the terrorists often do, boarded the train and sought to kill the crew. The gunmen then fled. Rail service was suspended until security could be improved.


June 15, 2008:  The government agreed to stop Sri Lankan rebel group LTTE from establishing refuges in Thailand. The LTTE are facing defeat, after over a decade of fighting. The Sri Lankan government wants to prevent the LTTE from finding a sanctuary in the region, from which to continue its terrorist operations.


June 14, 2008:  In Myanmar (Burma) the military dictatorship decided to get rid of foreign relief workers by simply closing the refugee camps and ordering the refugees back to their wrecked villages. The refugees can take relief supplies (like tents), with them, but things like medical, and other services (provided by foreign aid workers) will disappear as the foreigners depart. The generals running the country for decades have, once more, gotten away with mass murder. The limitations placed on foreign aid, and even relief delivered by other Burmese, will probably lead to over 50,000 additional deaths (over 100,000 were killed in the typhoon has month.)





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