Thailand: Take A Chance


October 29, 2009: Malaysia has offered to assist, in any way it can, if Thailand decides to offer the three southern Moslem provinces more autonomy, as a way to reduce the Islamic terrorist violence. The government is already having increased success against terrorists because more and more Moslems in the south are cooperating with police. If autonomy could increase that cooperation, the Islamic terror groups could be wiped out. But if the autonomy did not work, and was later revoked, that would cause more anger and unrest in the south.

October 28, 2009: Five more people died from Islamic terrorist violence in the south.

October 25, 2009: A wanted Islamic terrorist leader was arrested in a religious school, after police received a tip from local civilians.

October 23, 2009: A Malaysian money lender was shot dead in a border town. This was not believed to be related to Islamic terrorist, just more of the criminal violence that has long plagued the region.

October 21, 2009: In the south, terrorists attacked a vehicle carrying ten civilians, killing one and wounding two with gunfire. Elsewhere in the south, a wanted terrorist was arrested. The man had earlier been spotted leaving a bomb laden motorcycle (which was set off remotely) in a market place.




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