Thailand: Not A Good Idea To Mess With The Thais


March 19, 2013: Some of the Islamic terrorist groups in the south are violently opposed to one of their number (the BRN or Barisan Revolusi Nasional) agreeing to peace talks. These talks begin on the 29th in Malaysia. The venue makes some of the Thai Islamic terrorists angry because Moslem Malaysia had always been seen as an ally if, at best, a passive one. But Malaysia sees the continuing unrest in southern Thailand as a growing criminal problem for Malaysia. The Thai Islamic terrorists were always supported by the Thai smuggling gangs working the Malaysian border. This business involved moving contraband in both directions and Malaysia would like to see this misbehavior reduced. Besides, the Thais have prevented the southern rebels from getting anywhere near their goal of autonomy or independence. Historically, it’s not a good idea to mess with the Thais, who tend to come out on top. It’s happening again in southern Thailand and the Malaysians want to be a good neighbor. Some of the Thai Islamic terror groups would rather die than admit defeat and the Thais will accommodate them. Many army leaders believe that peace will only arrive when the last terrorist is hunted down and captured or killed. There’s some truth to that, but if peace talks can take a lot of terrorists out of action without violence that’s a big, and much less bloody, help.

March 15, 2013: In the south a roadside bomb killed three policemen.

March 2, 2013: In the south a bicycle bomb killed two soldiers.




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