Thailand: Southern Comfort


December 29, 2010:  For the first time in five years, the state-of-emergency rule is being withdrawn in part of the Moslem south (one district of one of the three Moslem provinces). This is the result of the gradual decline in Islamic violence over the last few years. In the last six years there have been 10,000 such attacks, leaving 4,400 dead and over 7,000 injured. The violence in the south is sporadic, as the Islamic radicals continue to lose popular support.

The government has been less successful in suppressing the "red shirt" populists. Despite jailing most of the known populist leaders, new ones have stepped up and are organizing regular large demonstrations. The red shirts have growing support in the countryside, and even in the urban areas.

December 28, 2010:  In several incidents down south, Islamic violence left four dead (one Islamic terrorist, three civilians believed to be supporting the government).

December 22, 2010: In the south, two soldiers were killed, apparently by Islamic terrorists.

December 18, 2010: In the last two days, Islamic radical violence left five dead, including one terrorist and two soldiers.

December 4, 2010: In several incidents, Islamic terrorists killed five people in the south.





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