Book Review: United States Marine Corps Generals of World War II: A Biographical Dictionary


by George B. Clark

Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2008. Pp. vii, 192. Illus, appends., biblio., index. $55.00. ISBN: 0786432039

In this work, Clark, author of a number of books on Marine Corps history, such as With the Old Corps in Nicaragua(2001) andSix Marine Divisions in the Pacific (2006), gives the reader a concise profiles of each of the 98 Marines who held or attained the ranked of general during World War II, including some who had been recalled from retirement.

The entries are rather longer than is the case in most references of this sort, running from several hundred to over a thousand words. Unlike many similar works, Clark devotes substantial attention to the pre-World War II careers of each officer, many of whom had seen extensive service in the Far East , the Banana Wars, and the First World War. Each man's military career is well outlined, including entry into the Corps, military education, war service, with particular attention to the Pacific War. The only major objections to the book are that Clark might have given more attention to family background, as some officers had important ties in society and in the 'Old Corps,' such as Littleton Waller Tazewell Waller, Jr., and to the generals? post-retirement activities..

Nevertheless, this is an invaluable reference for anyone interested the Pacific War, the more so because most of these men have never been the subject of a biography.

Reviewer: A.A. Nofi   

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