Support: Iraqi Troops Get Their Own Robots


October 15, 2010: Iraqi bomb disposal teams have received their first bomb disposal robots. Three Mini-Andros II robots are now in service, and more are on the way. This is a 103 kg (225 pound) bomb disposal robot used mainly by police organizations around the world. Iraq has been buying a lot of new gear for their bomb disposal technicians. Earlier this year, the Iraqi army received its first batch of 40 Badger Armored Vehicles. Badger is basically a variant of the popular Cougar armored truck, widely used by bomb disposal teams.

At the same time, the Iraqi Bomb Disposal School is increasing its capacity, so that it can train 1,700 personnel a year, up from 450 a year. Iraqi troops began working on EOD (Explosives Ordnance Disposal) some four years ago. There were few Iraqis trained for this (who were not Sunni Arabs, and probably working for the Sunni Arab terrorist groups), so the Bomb Disposal School was established at Besmaya three years ago. Iraqi volunteers went through a seven week EOD course. There was also a nine week course for Iraqi army engineer officers, who would command the EOD units. The increase in training for Iraqi EOD specialists will enable Iraq to take over EOD duties from American units. There is still a lot of military explosives in Iraq, buried or hidden away. The Iraqi EOD personnel will be busy for a long time.




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