Support: August 24, 2000


: Italy's contractor Iveco is developing a new 4x4 multi-role light vehicle (VML) which is its answer to the Humvee. There are two versions, one with a wheelbase of 3.2m and the other with a wheelbase of 3.5m. Payload of either version is 2.5-3 tons including four crew members. Six variants of the 3.2m version are envisioned: special operations, scout (with telescoping mast), anti-tank, 120mm mortar, engineer, and short-range air defense. This version is 1.98m wide and 4.67m long, allowing two to fit into a CH-47 helicopter with the tail ramp closed. Four variants of the 3.5m version are planned: command, contamination recon, ambulance, and maintenance. The basic vehicle is effectively unarmored, although the design provides that there are no heavy elements under the floor which might be driven into the troop compartment by a mine blast. An armored kit will protect the crew and payload from 7.62mm armor-piercing ammunition.--Stephen V Cole




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