Support: October 12, 2000


Vickers is offering a new light recon vehicle specifically for airborne troops. The light (under two tons empty, 3.6 tons full load) 4x4 scout car looks something like a small Humvee or a boxy kubelwagen. It is largely open, with only the engine compartment enclosed (by armor); roll bars protect the crew. The vehicle is 3.15m long and its 2.5-liter engine can drive it at 120km/hr (75mph) on the road. The 60-liter fuel tank gives a range of 300km on the road or 180km cross-country; an extra 60 liters can be carried in an add-on auxiliary tank (which would use up some of the volume otherwise available for ammunition or food). In its basic configuration, the front seat holds three men (driver, gunner, commander) while the rear compartment would hold one man and one of various weapons. The gunner in front has an elevating seat and a weapons mount on the top of the windshield frame. (This mount is designed for a 7.62mm machinegun but could hold larger weapons including a 40mm grenade launcher, 12.7mm machinegun, or even a low-recoil 20mm cannon). The rear compartment can be configured to carry a mortar (60mm or 81mm), 107mm rocket launcher, 12.7mm machinegun, 20mm cannon, pedestal-mounted anti-aircraft missile (Stinger-class), or an anti-tank missile launcher. The vehicle is designed to be carried in or slung under helicopters and could be air-dropped from a C160 or C130.--Stephen V Cole




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