Support: December 27, 2000


: The US Army is set to approve several new and revised uniform items including: 

@ New combat boots with leather toes and heels and nylon sides and upper portions. (Most troops buy this type of "track shoe masquerading as a combat boot" on their own, and the Marines use boots of this type.)

@ A new unisex black double-breasted overcoat.

@ A maternity version of the Cardigan sweater.

@ New class-B uniform shirts with permanent creases for use by recruiters. (Some are concerned that other officers and senior NCOs would feel pressured into buying these expensive shirts in order to look as good as others around them.)

@ A new material for use in class-B shirts that is more durable and economical.

@ A new design of BDU camouflage uniform for women better suited to their body shapes.

@ Optional permanent press BDUs for all soldiers.

@ Replacement of the current green dress uniform with a khaki uniform that looks more warlike.--Stephen V Cole




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