Support: March 3, 2002


The Russian Army has placed its first significant order for factory-built armored trucks, amounting to sixty each of two types. The UAZ315S3 is the armored version of the Russian analog of the Humvee, a 4x4 armored truck capable of carrying five passengers. The armor package adds 640kg to the base vehicle. It is primarily intended as an armed recon and escort vehicle. The Ural-4320 will receive 635kg of armor, which will count against its nominal 5,000kg cargo load. This amounts to 4mm steel armor for the cab and engine compartment, 33mm of armored glass for the cab, and a fully-armored rear cargo area with firing ports allowing the truck to be used as an armored personnel carrier. Constant attacks on supply convoys in Afghanistan and Chechnya drove the Russian Army to create armored trucks as field expedients and Russian industry to design such vehicles. These first armored trucks will be held in a special strategic pool to support whatever forces are deployed in combat theaters (which means they will be sent straight to Chechnya).--Stephen V Cole




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