Support: April 25, 2002


The Air Force is negotiating a deal with Boeing to lease 100 new Tanker-Transport aircraft based on the 767-airframe. Compared to the KC-135R, the new 767-tanker-transport will be vastly superior. The KC-135R can carry 6 cargo pallets, while the 767-TT can carry 19. The KC-135R can provide 108,000 pounds of fuel to other aircraft in aerial refueling; the 767-TT can provide 117,000. The KC-135R can carry 57 passengers if used in that role; the 767-TT can carry 200. Only a few KC-135Rs have refueling receptacles allowing them to get fuel from other tankers and both Air Force boom and Navy drogue systems; all of the 767-TTs will. The KC-135R needs an 11,500 foot runway for a maximum-weight takeoff, while the 767-TT can take off with maximum load in only 9,900 feet.--Stephen V Cole




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