Support: June 13, 2002


The Army is continually trying to improve its MREs. Next year, two that nobody liked will be replaced by Yankee Potroast and New England Clam Chowder. In 2004, the menu will gain a vegetarian hamburger and a meal containing Cajun rice with sausage. While MREs already include M&M chocolate candy, in 2004 some of the packs will have Peanut M&Ms. Coming in 2006 is the First Strike Ration, a new all-day (three meals) pack that weighs only a third more than one MRE. It will include a variety of delights including a sandwich, dried fruit, an energy bar, "zapplesauce" (applesauce with extra nutrition), and several other items. This will become the main patrol ration for troops away from base for more than a day.--Stephen V Cole




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