Support: January 4, 2003


The U.S. Navy, and particularly, the Marine Corps, have moved rapidly into Internet based education. Both services have a large chunk of their personnel at sea, and unable to attend training facilities found in military bases. But since all ships now have Internet access, and lots of personal computers, "distance training" has become common, popular and effective. Most of the courses material are found on CD-ROMs. This is necessary because, while the ships have Internet access, it is not high speed access. The training courses can be taken in whatever time the sailors and marines have available and it's become a favorite activity. Promotions, especially in technical jobs, are largely based on additional training. But even combat officers and NCOs have new equipment, weapons, tactics and procedures to master if they want to advance in rank. An additional benefit of net based education is that students can work together, using chat rooms to discuss course material, or using professional wargames to work out tactical problems together. The computer based training also emphasizes that the military will be using more computers in the future, and warfare will become more a matter of technical skill. 




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