Support: July 17, 2003


As much as the U.S. Department of Defense tries to make it's MREs (Meals, Ready to Eat) palatable and nutritious, living on them for several months annoys the troops big time. This is being discovered in Iraq. While the MREs are nutritious enough, they are not considered "real food" and are limited in their variety. Many troops began to buy local food, and cook it. This resulted in intestinal discomfort (promptly dubbed "Saddam's Revenge") or worse (at least a few cases of dysentery.) The Army and Marines have both introduced new field kitchens in the last few years. The main reason for not getting them to Iraq sooner and using them is logistical. The demand for goods in Iraq is tremendous, and until the railroads and ports are rehabilitated (after years of neglect) there is a shortage of capacity for moving stuff in. This included field kitchens and fresh food. That is changing as commanders take note of the unhappiness about the food. After all, the brass are living off MREs as well.




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