Electronic Weapons: The HARM Sure Shot


July 25, 2007: The latest
version of the U.S. anti-radiation missile, AGM-88E, makes is nearly impossible
for enemy radars to be turned on, and
avoid destruction. The missile, also called the Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided
Missile (AARGM), was developed jointly by U.S. and Italian firms. The original
AGM-88 has been in use since the 1980s, and the original 1960s anti-radiation missile quickly evolved into what was called HARM
(High Speed Anti-Radiation Missile). The AGM-88E version defeats the favorite trick
of anti-aircraft units, shutting down
their radars when they note a HARM is on the way. The AGM-88E remembers where
the radar is when it was on, and carries its own high resolution (mm wave)
radar to make sure it gets the radar. Finally, the AGM-88E can transmit a
picture of the target, just before it is hit, so the user can be certain of
what was taken out. Currently, there are orders for over 2,000 of these
missiles from the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, Italy and Germany. Production
begins this year.




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