Strategic Weapons: October 12, 1999


The Army is considering a plan to use THAAD anti-missile radar sets to track enemy spy satellites and warn ground commanders if they are about to be photographed. The X-band radars can track satellites and even determine where their optics are pointed. While THAAD radars would normally be needed for their primary anti-missile role, there should be enough in any combat theater to spare one to track satellites.--Stephen V Cole


180 SS-18 heavy ICBMs, silo-based (RS-20)
160 SS-19 standard ICBMs, silo-based (RS-18)
90 SS-24 standard ICBMs, 54 in silos and 36 in railcars (RS-22)
360 SS-25 light ICBMs, mobile launchers and silo based (RS-12M)
10 SS-27 light ICBMs, silo based (RS-12M2).
176 SSN-18 SLBMs, submarine-launched (RSM-50) [on 11 Delta-IIIs]
80 SSN-20 SLBMs, submarine-launched (RSM-52) [on four Typhoons, being retired]
112 SSN-23 SLBMs, submarine-launched (RSM-54) [on 7 Delta-IVs]
36 ABM-3 (SH11) Gorgon anti-missiles [at Moscow]
64 ABM-3 (SH08) Gazelle anti-missiles [at Moscow]
--Stephen V Cole




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