Strategic Weapons: Russia Replenishing Inventory


November21, 2006: Russia is now buying a lot more large missiles. In 2007, they will purchase 17 ICBMs and eight "boosters" (rockets for putting satellites into orbit, or delivering stuff to the space station.) In the next ten years, Russia plans to replace it's current SSBN fleet with new Borei class boats, carrying the new Bulava SLBM. Russia also plans to buy 69 Topol-M ICBMs in the next decade. The Bulava is a modified (for submarine launch) version of the Topol-M. Russia is also spending a lot of money to refurbish, and extend the service like of, its older (SS-18 and SS-19) missiles. Currently, Russia has 927 ICBMs and SLBMs, carrying 4,279 warheads. The United States has 1,255 missiles and 5,966 warheads.




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