Submarines Article Archive 2010



The Curse ContinuesAnd Then There Were Two...South Africa Fades Away
Algeria Gets A PairThe Many Things That Go Bump In The DeepIs The Astute Cursed?
China And The Submarine ThreatChinese Nukes Move SouthSouth Korea Amps Up ASW
The Repo Man Grabs Greek U-Boats China Tweaks Russian DesignsVirginia Is Flayed Alive
Egypt Puts American Sonar On Their Chinese Ships To Seek Israeli Subs From GermanyThe Chinese MirageRussia Reloads Its Library
Scorpene Stumbles Towards The Finish LineContinuous Active SonarBottom Feeder Flourishes
Death Boat Changes HandsMore Iranian MinisJapan Wants More
Portugal Gets A PairSteel Won't Stop ItAmerican SSGNs Prowl The Pacific
Drug Gangs Build A Real OneSubmarines Outsmart Somali PiratesThe Disappearing Droids Of Chesapeake Bay
Finding The Tiny TerrorsAustralia Doubles Submarine ForceMonster Boomer Returned To Service
Germany Retires Most Of Its U-Boat FleetIsraeli Nuclear Missile Boats Off Iranian CoastIndian Ocean Overrun With AIP Boats
Torn Between "Better" And "Good Enough"Another Russian TragedyNasty Little Suckers
Submerged Satellite LinkA Triumph Of RefurbishmentGreece Surrenders To Germany
The Cost Of Success Goes UpIntel and Microsoft Go To WarCylon Torpedoes Rule The Deep
Stuck On The SurfaceThe Battle For the East PacificRecreational Subs To The Rescue
The Chinese Threat BelowThe Greatest GenerationThe Cursed Subs Of Oz
Things That Go Bump In The DeepU.S. Boats Have QC IssuesCoping With The Great American SSN Shortage
Everyone With Sneaky Needs Does ItU.S. Navy Leaves eBay For Best Buy