Submarines: June 13, 2001


The Russian navy, as decrepit as it is, has thrown down the gantlet to foreign anti-submarine forces. After ten years of effort, the Russians have finally sent to sea their latest Akula II sub to sea for a initial testing. The Russians say the Akula II is undetectable unless you get to within 10-15 kilometers. In effect, the Russians are saying the Akula II is quieter than U.S. subs. This may be so, as the Akula II was built using secret technologies the Russias stole in several well publicized incidents over the last twenty years. The new sub was supposed to have been finished in 1996, but money has been short in the Russian navy. Submarines have been given priority of late, so several long abuilding subs are about to enter service. The Russian claims about how quiet the Akula II are already being put to test, as several nations are known to have surface ships and subs in the area the Akula II is operating. We should know just how quiet the Akula II is by the end of the Summer.




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