Submarines: August 23, 2001


The US Navy has told Congress that it will convert the Trident submarines SSBN-727 Michigan and SSBN-729 Georgia into cruise missile platforms (SSGN). Two additional boats (SSBN-726 Ohio and SSBN-728 Florida will be converted if Congress provides the $1 billion per sub for their conversion and refueling. Otherwise, they will be mothballed.) Of the submarine's 24 missile tubes, 22 will be converted to fire Tomahawk (7 missiles per tube, total 154 on the sub) and the other two will be used to carry equipment for up to 100 SEAL commandoes. The subs will still count against the START treaty limits since it would cost another $1.25 billion per submarine to change the launch tubes in such a way that the Trident missiles could not be put back in.--Stephen V Cole




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