Submarines: Taiwan Gets Sub Launched Harpoons


January 14, 2014: In late 2013 Taiwan began receiving the 32 American Harpoon submarine launched anti-ship missiles it first sought back in 2005. Aggressive Chinese diplomacy against the U.S. and other weapons suppliers delayed the Harpoons and prevented anyone from building any new submarines for Taiwan. At the moment Taiwan really only has two combat ready subs. These are Dutch Zwaardvis class boats that entered service in the late 1980s. The Dutch subs each displace 2,400 tons and have a crew of 67. Each has six 533mm (21 inch) torpedo tubes and 20 torpedoes, mines or Harpoons.

The submarine launched Harpoons are ejected from a torpedo tube, float to the surface, launch and go to the general area (up to 125 kilometers away) the target is suspected of being then uses its radar to attack the largest ship there.





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