Surface Forces: American Torpedo Warning and Countermeasures System


April 10, 2013: The U.S. Navy has installed a new torpedo warning and countermeasures system on an aircraft carrier (USS Bush, CVN 77) for testing, data collection, and fine tuning. TWS/CAT (Torpedo Warning System/Countermeasures Anti-Torpedo) is to enter service on destroyers, cruisers, carriers, and large amphibious ships by 2015. TWS/CAT consists of a towed sonar array (TWS) that can detect and identify torpedoes and anti-torpedo torpedoes that intercept the incoming torpedo (CAT).

While operating on the USS Bush, TWS/CAT will be tested against various types of torpedo attack. The test will also provide an opportunity to train sonar operators and collect acoustic data so that the system software can be improved.




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