Surface Forces Article Archive 2009


Cheap Chinese Substitutes RuleStealth Corvette Finally Comes Into ViewRobotic Armored Speedboats Challenge Sailors
The Chinese ThreatSwiftshipWhy China Really Wants A Big Navy
Japan And China At Sea TogetherOld Warships Never Die, They Just Fade AwayAgeless Tomahawks
North Korea Goes Old School To DefeatThe Other LCS Aces Sea TrialsRussian Admirals Told To Forget About Carriers
USVs No Longer ImprovisedIraqi Patrol BoatsWarships With No One On Board
FREMM Du JourBig, Fast And CheapThe Fastest Thing On Water With A Machine-Gun
Where Have All The Sailors GoneA Pimped Out Perry For PakistanChina Builds Big Floaters
Little Catamaran With Big TeethChinese Take OutBarak Moves Forward
South Korea Heads For The High SeasIsraeli Boats Patrol The Indian CoastStealthy Arab Corvettes Headed For The Gulf
Improved Talwar Is Hard To SeeFFX Uses The American DefenseBahrain Base Building Boom
Dereliction Of DutyLoose Screws Embarrass The Swiss And GermansKuwait Has A Need For Speed
Video Gamers Defend The Fleet From TerroristsCold War Reignites Off The Chinese CoastItaly Builds An Iraqi Flagship
Superconductors At WarInshore Patrol Vessels Survive LawyersBringing Back Burke
U.S. Navy Stands Down For RepairsUSN Buys Another Of Them Funny Little ShipsWonder Ship Seeks Work
Naval Mines Eat Laser And DieCruiser On The RocksBarely Visible Visby Arrives
India Loves KrivakThe $6 Billion Destroyer Fades AwayDesigned And Built In India
Remote Weapons Stations At SeaThe Ronin SailorsAutomated Korean Frigates



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