Surface Forces: Silkworm Goes Long


April 23, 2014: Pakistan has received the 120 Chinese C-602 anti-ship missiles it ordered in 2009 and deployed them to ships and coast artillery units. This is in response to the supersonic and much more expensive BrahMos missiles India now has. The C-602 is the export version of the subsonic YJ-62 with a shorter range (280 rather than 400 kilometers) and some less dramatic differences in the electronics (especially the countermeasures). Both missiles weigh 1.22 tons and have a 300 kg (660 pound) warhead. The C-602 is another development of the decades old Chinese Silkworm anti-ship missile and is the longest ranged version. Guidance is by INS (inertial) to get the missile to the general vicinity of the target. From there the onboard radar takes over. The radar can spot potential targets 40 kilometers away and confirm them 30 kilometers away.

China is equipping its latest destroyers with the C-602 and also using it for coast defense units. Burma has also ordered some C-602 but is not known to have received them yet.





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