Forces: June 25, 2002


In the same written reply to the South African National Assembly's questions, Defense Minister Mosiuoa Lekota said the 469 aircraft were withdrawn from service since 1990 due to "either obsolescence or a reduction in force design". The list included Mirage F1, Cheetah E, Canberra, Buccaneer, and Impala strike aircraft, as well as Harvard, Cessna, Impala, Cheetah D and E, and Alouette 111 basic and advanced trainers. The SAAF also divested itself of Aztec, Queen Air, C160, Dakota, Kudu, Viscount, DC4 Skymaster, Super Freelon, Puma, Alouette 111, HS125, and Islander transports, as well as Canberra, Bosbok, and Cessna reconnaissance planes. 

Of these, 297 had been sold, while the others were being stored at Hoedspruit and Bloemspruit Air Force Bases, as well as at Polokwane and Swartkops airfields.
Only limited maintenance was performed on these aircraft, so varying degrees of additional maintenance would have to be carried out in order to restore them to serviceable condition.

The Peruvian Air Force bought ten Canberra aircraft, while five HS125 transporters went to Australia. Other aircraft sold went to a variety of organizations and individuals, among them, Denel Aviation, Flight Research USA, Sparrow Aviation USA, and a number of flying and aerobatics clubs. These aircraft included Kudu, Viscount, Bosbok, Albatross, DC4 Skymaster, Dakota, Impala, Super Freelon, Alouette 111, and Puma helicopters, Harvard, Cessna, and Transall C160. - Adam Geibel




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