Forces: The Afghan Air Corps


September 9,2008:  The U.S. has completed building a main facility for the Afghan Air Corps. At the north end of Kabul's civilian airport, a separate, $183 million, airbase has been completed (including a hospital, barracks, hangers, classrooms, conference center and workshops). There, 1,300 members of the air corps, along with 17 Mi-17 transport helicopters, three Mi-35 helicopter gunships and six AN-26 and 32 transports, will be stationed. The air corps are also some L-39 trainers and AH-1 helicopter gunships. Over the next three years, another 32 Mi-17 helicopters will arrive, as well as 18 C-27A transports to replace the elderly An-26/32 aircraft. The Afghans are also shopping for a single engine, propeller driven, aircraft that can double as a trainer and as a light attack aircraft. There are several models out there competing for this sale.




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