Algeria: Blood Mountain


August 8, 2013: Tunisian and Algerian security forces are increasingly coordinating their operations on their mutual border. At the moment there is a lot more Islamic terrorist activity in Tunisia, especially by several dozen terrorists hiding in the Atlas Mountains on the Tunisian side of the border. Algerian police and troops have been mobilized to make sure these thugs stay on the other side of the border, or die while trying to enter Algeria.

Meanwhile in the Atlas Mountains, just across the Tunisian border, police and soldiers have spent over four months hunting for up to fifty Islamic terrorists who are operating near the Kasserine Pass and Mount Chaambi . Tunisian security personnel are searching a hundred square kilometers of sparsely populated forests and mountains without much success. This is the first time Tunisia has had to deal with armed Islamic terrorists since 2007. These armed men have been active in the area since January. Some of these terrorists recently fled Mali and others are from Algeria. These were joined by a smaller group (a dozen or so) of Tunisian Islamic terrorists who had apparently not been active until joined by all these new men and a few additional local recruits. There has been a lot of evidence that Tunisia is providing more Islamic radicals for terrorist groups. Eleven of the 32 terrorists killed in the attack on an Algerian natural gas field in January were Tunisian, which provided a hint that there were a lot more Islamic terrorists in Tunisia than the government wants to admit.

August 6, 2013: In the northeast (Kabylie) Islamic terrorists ambushed a police patrol and killed three policemen.

August 4, 2013: Just across the border in Tunisia, two soldiers were killed and four wounded when their armored vehicles hit a landmine. In the Tunisian capital police killed an Islamic terrorist and arrested five others during a raid.

August 3, 2013: In the northeast (Kabylie) Islamic terrorists ambushed an army patrol and killed one soldier and wounded two.

August 2, 2013: Just across the border in Tunisia, soldiers and warplanes launched a major operation to find and kill Islamic terrorists hiding near Mount Chaambi .

August 1, 2013: Just across the border in Tunisia, soldiers fought with a group of Islamic terrorists near Mount Chaambi . There were no casualties and the terrorists escaped.

July 29, 2013: Just across the border in Tunisia, eight soldiers were killed in an Islamic terrorist ambush near Mount Chaambi .

July 22, 2013: On the Tunisian border, 630 kilometers southeast of the capital, police intercepted a truck trying to cross the border carrying a ton of phosphate fertilizer (often used for making bombs).

July 19, 2013: Outside the capital a checkpoint confrontation led to the death of a senior al Qaeda leader and four of his associates. Weapons and documents were found in their vehicle. 




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