Balkans: Cleaning House in Bosnia


April 13, 2007: Bosnia is trying to deport nearly four hundred foreigners suspected of supporting Islamic radicalism. Bosnia has started the process by revoking the citizenship of 367 natives of Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, Syria, Tunisia, Sudan and Russia, who were granted citizenship during the 1990s war. These people were given citizenship quickly, by Bosnian officials believed to be in support of Islamic radicalism. April 11, 2007: Macedonian Moslems (most of whom are ethnic Albanians) have complained to the government that two mosques in Skopje are now under the control of Islamic radicals. One of the complaints was filed by a member of Macedonia's Islamic Community, which is an official organization. The Islamic Community wants the government to take action and return the mosques to its control.

April 9, 2007: Serbia said it plans to cut its military's tank force by 75 percent, to 250 tanks. One reason is that the old tanks are obsolete. However, Serbia is now a member of NATO's Partnership for Peace program and is both modernizing and reforming its military forces. Serbia intends to use the British Army as its model for reorganizing its armored units. The cut in the tank force sends a signal that Serbia is not planning on military action to stop Kosovo independence.

April 6, 2007: A senior European Union representative in Kosovo said that the EU will provide Kosovo with over $600 million. The aid will be distributed during the three years following "the final resolution of Kosovo's status."

April 5, 2007: The Kosovar parliament voted to support the UN's independence plan. There are 120 seats in the Kosovar parliament. 100 members voted to support the plan, 19 abstained, one voted against independence




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