Balkans: More Balkanization On the Way


September 20, 2005: Montenegro accused Serbia of seeking to "take control" of the Serb-Montenegrin defense ministry. Montenegro's Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic (who Serbia says favors separatism) accused Serb officials of using a military procurement scandal to put Serbs in charge of defense ministry functions. On the other hand, Serbian defense officials have described one scandal (there appear to be several) as "a robbery." Details of the allegation remain sketchy but the defense ministry bought "overpriced military equipment"-- an indication of a kickback scheme. This has the outline of a typical Balkan corruption scandal, except that Montenegrin nationalists fear Serbian control of the security forces will mean total Serbian control of Montenegro.

September 16, 2005: An opinion poll in Kosovo indicated that 86 percent of the population wanted independence. But Kosovo is still, technically, part of Serbia. 

September 15, 2005: In the last year, fifteen Serb war criminals have been captured, or surrendered voluntarily. This is a big increase, after years of few, if any, of these men being taken into custody each year. 

September 13, 2005: The Kosovo government rejected proposals that the northern area where the Serb minority lives be split off as a separate state, or merges with adjacent Serbia.




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