Balkans: Smoke and Fire in Bosnia


December 8, 2005: While terrorist activities have long been suspected in Bosnia, and some evidence has been found, there has not been a lot of actual terrorist activity there. But what counter-terror operators are discovering is that Bosnia has many Islamic organizations that are tolerant, if not friendly, towards Islamic radicals. As a result, many Islamic terrorist plots uncovered in Europe, have leads that can be traced back to Bosnia. So far, lots of smoke, but no fire. Yet.

December 6, 2005: Serbia claimed that violence against Kosovar Serbs in Kosovo is increasing. The Serbian government is making a case that Kosovar Albanians are trying to drive Serbs out of the province. That amounts to "ethnic cleansing" but we haven't seen the word used-- at least not yet. There have been several "spikes" in violence directed at Kosovar Serbs, most notably in Spring 2004. The UN stated that Kosovo remains stable but reported that violence is occurring. On December 4 the UN reported a grenade attack on a bus outside the town of Prizren.

December 3, 2005: In Kosovo, someone fired an RPG at a bus full of Albanians. The warhead failed to explode, but everyone on the bus got the message. Apparently some Serbs are willing to fight back against the Albanian terror.

December 8, 2005: Romania urged Russia to withdraw all of its remaining troops from Moldova's separatist Transdniester region. A Romanian spokesman said that foreign military and local "paramilitary forces" maintain the separatist regime. If the forces are withdrawn Moldova could reach a political settlement. For its part, Russia has instituted economic sanctions against Moldova. Some Moldovan agricultural products and goods are banned. Transdniester is predominantly Russian.




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