Iran: March 18, 2001


In another protest against the strict Islamic clerics, people throughout the nation celebrated the Feast of Fire. This festival dates to pre-Islamic days when Zoroastrianism was the religion of the land. In fact, Zoroastrianism has never disappeared from Iranian life.  Many religious and social customs still show Zoroastrianism influences and many people are quick to admit it, unless a Moslem cleric is nearby. This is one reason why Islam has always been quite militant in Iran, as the mullahs know that Zoroastrianism is still alive and well. But the fundamentalism of the Moslem clerics has, many times over the centuries, caused a backlash from the people and this is what the clerics fear now. Today, the clerics shut down another four pro-reform publications and banned all activities by the Iran Freedom Movement (a peaceful reform party.).




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