Iran: March 8, 2003


India and Iran. 

The capture of al Qaeda leader Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in Pakistan involved tracing cell phone activity that indicated at least a hundred al Qaeda members have taken refuge in Iran. The government has always denied this, but the government has no control over many Islamic radical organizations in Iran that actively support terrorism in Lebanon, Afghanistan and the West. 

Osama bin Laden's four wives and twelve of his children are also thought to be in Iran, sheltered by Islamic radicals. Bin Laden himself appears to be hiding in the area of western Pakistan where the Afghan and Iranian borders meet. 

Argentina is trying to extradite senior Iranian intelligence officials for participation in the bombing of a Jewish charities building in 1994. A lengthily Argentine investigation revealed the support of Iranian Islamic militants for terrorism against Jews in Argentina. The effort included bribing Argentinean officials to ignore the Iranian connection.  




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