Iran: April 15, 2003


 Coalition aircraft bombed the bases of The People's Mujahadeen, an Iranian opposition movement based in Iraq. Comprised mostly of secular Iranians who opposed, first the Shah, and then the Islamic revolution in Iran, they regularly stage raids into Iran. But in 1991 they also helped Saddam suppress rebellions by Kurds and Shias. They are thought to have 10-15,000 armed men and women in several camps along the Iranian border.  It was thought that some of the  camps were bombed as early as April 4th or 5th. Reporters visiting the camps have found them recently evacuated. Coalition forces report that they have been negotiating with the leaders of the  People's Mujahadeen. If members of the  People's Mujahadeen were sent back to Iran, many would be imprisoned  and executed. Because of that danger, most  People's Mujahadeen members have apparently fled the camps and are attempting to get out




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