Iran: August 16, 2003


 Even though the US has disarmed and disbanded the The People's Mujahedeen (or Mujahedeen-e Khalq Organization; MKO), in Iraq and elsewhere, and declared a successor organization (NCRI; National Council of Resistance of Iran), the government has declared that because of differences between the State and Defense Departments in the US, and other government groups, there's nothing America can do to satisfy Iran that it is not really supporting the Iranian opposition and thus practicing  a double standard in the war against terrorism. Thus the Islamic conservatives in Iran can continue to justify their support for Hizbollah in Lebanon and al Qaeda. There has also been some talk of exchanging al Qaeda members held in Iraq for MKO leaders the US has in custody in Iraq.

Meanwhile, the Islamic conservative controlled security services say they foiled al Qaeda attempts to organize and carry out attacks inside Iran. No other




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