Iran: September 12, 2003


: allied with the PKK, they will have to deal with the Turkish army as well. 


European sources report that Iran has at least 90 scientists working on designing and building a nuclear bomb. The team is using a lot of technology obtained, sometimes under false pretenses, from European suppliers. This has become a major scandal in Europe, and popular opinion favors shutting down the smuggling operations and forcing Iran to cease it's bomb building operations. Iran denies it is trying to build a bomb, but an increasing amount of evidence says otherwise. All of the organizations said to be involved in bomb making are controlled by Islamic conservatives.

September 9, 2003: A US federal judge ruled that Iran was responsible for the Hizbollah bombings of the US embassy and a US marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983. This has long been an open secret, but the court proceedings, brought on by survivors of some of the victims, made the point in great detail. Iran still officially denies its support for, and control over, Hizbollah in Lebanon. Hizbollah has




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