Iran: November 5, 2003


: power facilities regularly inspected. 

A trial in Argentina has accused the Iranian government, then controlled by Islamic conservatives, of organizing and supporting a 1994 attack against a Jewish social agency in the Argentinean capital. The bomb killed 85 and wounded over 300. Iran is also accused of then bribing Argentinean officials to stall an investigation that led to Iran (which still denies any involvement).

November 4, 2003: The government has stepped up raids against parties that allow men and women to mix together. In addition, ten billiard parlors were closed because they allowed men and women to play billiards together. These raids increase hatred of the police, especially the special religious police who harass and beat women who are not dressed properly (showing too much leg or hair.). This is frequently leading to brawls with young men who object to the activities of the




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