Terrorism: August 30, 2000


providing secure access to important intelligence files.--Stephen V Cole

The FBI recently unveiled CARNIVORE, its super-secret Internet eavesdropping system. Counter-terrorism experts were aghast since intercepting the Email of Osama bin Laden is the "single biggest factor" in shutting down bin Laden's terrorist attacks. Sources indicate that at least three and perhaps as many as six missions have been derailed because the FBI had the inside story on the planned attacks.--Stephen V Cole

August 27, 2000; Osama bin Laden continues to make the news in the terrorism department. Russia reports that Bin Laden has supplied Chechen rebels operating outside Chechnya with $5.5 million. New Zealand police accused local Afghan refugee sympathizers of Bin Laden of plotting to attack a nuclear reactor in Australia during the upcoming Olympic games. 


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