Terrorism: April 6, 2001


practicing Moslems and hog farming is a major industry in the United States.

In a recent review, the Army found that none of the National Guard anti-terrorist units designed to respond in the event of a weapon of mass destruction were not ready for action. This despite three years and $143 million. The units lack confidence in their equipment, and much of that equipment is not functional. Units have been found with mobile labs with the air filters installed backwards (providing no protection). Other units were issued gas masks that had incompatible parts and could not be used. The Guard's first 10 teams were supposed to be ready by the end of last year (and were not). Another 22 teams (authorized in two later series) are in various stages of being organized and are not expected to be ready by now. The basic problem seems to be that the units were expected to be ready too quickly and were issued a haphazard menagerie of equipment since the


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