Terrorism: April 27, 2001


participants.--Stephen V Cole

While the FBI uses many types of handguns (9mm, 10mm, .40S&W) the Hostage Rescue Team has always preferred the heavier .45acp round and the M1911 automatic pistol due to its knock-down power. They have recently had Springfield Armory produce a new model of the venerable .45-caliber M1911, and the result is one of the most precision-made and accurate forty-fives ever produced. A civilian version of this pistol, designated the Professional Model, is available for those with an extra $2395.00 who want to own the most accurate "out of the box" pistol around. (For that price, you get a tool kit, locking carry case, and five magazines.) The FBI demanded that the pistol be able to fire three ten-shot groups with a maximum dispersion of 1.5 inches, and got what they demanded. The weapon is heavy at 40 ounces. The slide and frame are hammer forged 4140 ordnance steel. The pistol is 8.75 inches long, 5.9 inches high, and 1.3 inches across the grip panels. The match-grade barrel is 5 inches long with a six-groove left-hand twist (one turn in 16 inches). The pistol is finished in the new Black-T treatment (available in flat black or olive green). The coating is tough, resistant to corrosion, and reduces the need for lubrication. Designed for use by FBI agents, the weapon has many custom features. Its sharp edges are rounded so it will not snag on clothing or equipment. The ejection port has been lowered, and the rear of the port is beveled, to enhance ejection reliability (and avoid denting the expelled cases). The Lo Mount Carry Rear Sight is fitted with tritium capsules for low-light use and can be adjusted for personal windage. The front sight is broader than the old government .45 and is better attached. The Wilson Extractors are made from bar stock and heat treated for long-term reliability. (Extractor failures are the weak point in the original M1911 design.) The magazine well is beveled for quick reloading. The beavertail above the grip completely cups the skeleton hammer to avoid "biting" the shooter's hand. The frame is machined high under the trigger guard. The two features allow a higher grip, which lowers the bore line in relation to the hand and reduces recoil. There is an ambidextrous thumb safety, which is designed to avoid catching on clothing. The springs, sears, and guide rods are all of top quality material and machined to expert tolerances. The aluminum trigger (with three holes to reduce weight) is a King National Match type with vertical serrations. The magazines are the magnificent Wilson-Rogers types, with eight rounds in a single stack and can be disassembled


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